"Sleepshow" is the debut project of Broken Bottle Pictures.  It is the intent of Broken Bottle Pictures to cultivate a competitive indie film scene here in Seattle. Many talented artists are forced to move out of the Northwest to pursue work in film and we would like to see that change. "Sleepshow", a horror short film will be used to drum up support and financial backing for a feature film scheduled to shoot in the Summer of 2018. We're choosing the horror genre as it is the most economical way to make an impression and is where many find their start. We are currently looking for seed money to help ensure the technical quality of the project and the foundation for our new production company. Let's make Seattle the place to get indie films produced!

Story board Draft 1

About the Team

Rose Green

Darrick Gray, Director/Producer

Just out of high school, Darrick started working in Hollywood as a production assistant. The position suited him, but he soon left to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. After graduating, he stumbled into working at a funeral home and, not by coincidence, has taken to writing horror exclusively ever since. 




Jose Clark

Casey Hanson,  Composer

Blessed with the skills of both an artist and a musician, Hanson left Los Angeles to hone his abilities at the Evergreen State College. Since then he has written two ballets, toured Europe as a keyboardist in the Mikal Cronin touring band, and has recently finished mixing the latest album for his own heavy rock band Boarchucker.



Catherine Ojeda

Danielle Brann, Cinematographer

A Northwest native, Danielle has stayed true to her 'type'; loving coffee and the outdoors. After high school, she traveled to Los Angeles where she received her associates from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and spent a year studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Missing fresh air, she made her way back home to Seattle, where she works as a stylist, videographer, and photographer.


"... movies are like (my) second language..."

Budget Summary

Sleepshow budget - Summary (1).jpg

Photo Album

 Darrick's "The Board".

Darrick's "The Board".

 Growing refernce library. 

Growing refernce library. 

Location Scouting in Port Townsend, WA

Fort Townsend barn, location for "Sleepshow".  Edited day for night.