Fashion Soulstice-- Justice and Soul Foundation

The Justice and Soul Foundation works to train victims of sex trafficking for jobs in the beauty industry. They have opened a school in Cambodia and once a year host a Fashion Solstice in Seattle to benefit the cause. Please go to their website to learn more and offer your support. 

The Robert Leonard team worked wonderfully together to bring Sarah Lawrence's little brain children to life in this bigger the better, deranged hair collection. Make-up by Carla Bonilla and team support by Cara Hellings and Danielle Brann.  

We would like to offer a special thanks to our lovely models. This project brought together the most amazing group of women. Thank you Miyoung Margolis, Kate Mageau, Liv Sal, Ashlea Tegman, and Kaitlin Esary. You are all so beautiful through and through, much love. 

Thank you Silvae for offering such a stunning wardrobe. Your clothes are truly beautiful. The designs are modern and hip, but actually have a feminine cut! (I have been desperately waiting for this level of fashion to embrace the feminine). And the quality of the clothing is exquisite. Thank you!

And thank you to Kaio Wilker and Marsa Lee for helping us come up with a plan of execution.