Chelsie and Justin's Engagment

Chelsie is my sister. My beautiful, strong, giving of all of herself, sister. She is deserving of all of the wonderful things that life has to offer, most importantly, love. 

While I had spent time with Chelsie and Justin before this session, photographing them gave me an intimate look inside their relationship. As one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, she is a queen and it made me so happy to see him treat her as so. 

They share such comfort in each other and he is wildly affectionate. It was so sweet to witness the little ways he would brush against her, point at her adorable feet or whisper in her ear. 

We ventured up to Mount Erie to the spot Justin took Chelsie for their first date and where he eventually purposed. 

Justin, thank you for your gentle, adoring way with this most amazing of women!

2016-05-01 003 483 copy.jpg

Now we've got a party to plan!