Bread and Circuses; Give the People What They Want

Seattle's homogenized restaurant scene featuring variations of the same perspective, washed over with a healthy dose of pretense has had me bored, maybe even a little annoyed. Can you sense that famous local Seattleite disdain? All of this cold, corporate change has me asking myself, "Where is Seattle's soul going?  Where does the vote of my dollar really count?"


Gnocchi Tots

The people have spoken and the tots are back!

Then I found Bread and Circuses deep in The Woods of SODO. Of course!

The Lamb Lolipop. Perhaps the sexiest dish I've ever taken a bite of. The lamb, a labor of love, with time being put into each cut, making sure it is perfectly trimmed. Dressed with an amazing ginger bread 'crust', layered over a bed of couscous and cherry port demi. At just under $20 this is easily Seattle's biggest kept food secret. 

Turkey Confit, the perfect dream of Thanksgiving. A stuffing waffle, perfectly juiced turkey, gravy and a dollop of cranberry. It's all the things and every bite is perfect. 

Bread and Circuses not only boasts diversity in background, but in taste. Head Chef Rob Killam, working in the kitchen since he was 15, is all about the perfect bite. His journey started in fine dining, but early on he became bored with the useless pageantry of it all. He's a glutton for good food, doesn't have time for pretense, and is famous for the most popular item at Skillet, the 'Lil Rob', now only available off menu.  

From Left to Right: Co-Owner Syd Suntha, Chef Rob Killam, Sous Chef Domingo Ramos, and Head Cook Lazaro Guerrero. 

There is an eclectic sweetness to Sous Chef Domingo Ramos's perspective, which I imagine stems from beginning his cooking journey at 14 and in his words "... basically falling in love with watching my mom and grandma cook." In their kitchen they showed him the ways of Filipino and Native American foods, allowing for a little Southern influence. 

Lazaro Guerrero, considerate like few can be in a kitchen, is the one who keeps this special kitchen going. Practical and grounded in his cooking, he is fast as hell, consistent, and just has a way with making a recipe taste better. I don't know how he does it while always keeping a positive and level head. 

Bread and Circuses in The Woods at Two Beers and Seattle Cider is full of the heart and soul. Eating their food not only makes my senses happy, but leaves me feeling like I am supporting a piece of the American dream. 

Thanksgiving Bruschetta. This dish is one of the biggest culinary surprises of my life. It is so special, you won't find this anywhere else! Candied yams, chèvre, torched marshmellow, and fried sage. I don't like candied yams, I don't like marshmellow, but this is one of the best things I have ever tasted!

Smoked Black Cod. This is smoked in house, served with pickled jicama slaw and wonton chips. 

 Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Each chip is hand dipped, proving my 'perfect bite' point about this place. 

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Each chip is hand dipped, proving my 'perfect bite' point about this place. 

Smoked maple, toasted pistachio, fried sage, and truffle adorn this Warm Burrata.