Real Love: Kanani and Max Engagement

On December 25, 2013 riding the ferry into Seattle, Max asked Kanani to marry him. She is easily one of my favorite people and I couldn't be more excited! Seriously, it's a perfect match. 

In a past life, K-Dog (her nickname from a high school rocket project) worked at the Public Library. With this literary experience, and being a good person, she had too much respect for the books to actually stand on them. So, she used her vast stage training and cheated the camera!

While in college, Max worked at Blue Highway Games. He is a master of directions, a huge asset to any party. Much of my time getting to know him was over a board and I just love how patient and fair he is. 

Passing through Queen Anne, we just had to stop at Kerry Park. Aren't they just wonderful! Cheers!

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